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About Lynn

Lynn S. Evans, CFP® Photo

Lynn S. Evans, CFP®

Lynn S. Evans, CFP® is a national leader in the financial planning industry.  She not only determines to understand the hopes and dreams of her clients, but also to ensure they understand the financial strategies she implements to help them achieve those dreams.

Through years of experience as a CFP®, Lynn has developed several groundbreaking presentations on the relationship between women and money. Her presentations encourage participants to  reflect on what they were taught about money during childhood, and to consider how those teachings have colored their relationships with money as adult women.   Participants learn how to break those bonds and gain a positive relationship with money.

With Lynn’s help, her clients are able to prepare financially — and emotionally — for these significant life transitions. To that end, Lynn has launched Power of the PurseTM Podcast to further explore the financial knowledge gap amongst baby boomer women, where traditional stereotypes have, for too long, dictated a woman’s ability to be financially independent and successful.

If these topics matter in your life, there is no one with more experience and expertise than Lynn.